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My cat is losing his hair: why and what to do?

Losing hair is a natural phenomenon in cats all year round, but there is more hair loss during the molting period (fall and spring). Indeed, you may have noticed that your cat wears a beautiful, well-furnished coat in the fall – preparing for winter – that he leaves in the spring for a finer coat.
However, if you find that this hair loss is very severe and lasts all year round, it may be that your pet’s health is at risk. A visit to the vet is therefore recommended to gain insight into your feline’s state of health. In this article, we will answer together this frequently asked question: “What if my cat is losing hair ?” “
Cat hair loss: what to do?

To maintain your cat’s coat and prevent its hair from being found everywhere in your house and on your clothes, bed linen, … it is advisable to brush it regularly with a suitable brush, especially during the molting period (spring/autumn). This helps to remove dead hair, dirt, and dust that collects in its fur.

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