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My cat is losing his hair: why and what to do?

De-stress your cat
Like humans, cats need a suitable, calm environment to be happy. The best way to fight anxiety, depression and stress is to stimulate the cat through play. Take the time to play with it and pique its interest.
Develop your territory correctly: scratching areas, rest and hiding places, cat trees. In fact, anything he could find in nature. Stimulating his curiosity, keeping him occupied through games, … are essential for his balance and for breaking boredom. If nothing works and your cat is in a constant state of stress, you can install a pheromone diffuser to calm their anxieties and soothe them.
The reflex to have when my cat loses its hair and itches
When your cat is scratching, the first instinct is to think about the presence of fleas. Observe his coat with interest. You might see flea droppings there, or even the fleas in question. If this is the case, it is recommended to treat your feline with a suitable product such as pipettes or tablets.
Also consider treating your home. Indeed, the place of life lodges most forms of parasites (eggs, larvae and pupae), only adults climb on the cat. Also consider treating the living dog (s) in the house, as fleas are the same!
Be careful, even if you can’t find fleas or droppings, your cat may have made everything disappear while washing. It must therefore be treated anyway.

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