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My cat is losing his hair: why and what to do?

Brushing also helps activate blood circulation in the skin and stimulates the regrowth of your cat’s hair. Do not hesitate to repeat this operation very often, and even more so during the molting period. This action will also have the positive impact of preventing too many hairballs from forming in his stomach when he grooms, which could have consequences on his health.
Diet also plays a vital role in the quality of your pet’s coat. It is advisable to be well informed to avoid giving it foods low in nutrients. Choose foods high in fatty acids, which are essential to provide your cat with soft, shiny and dense fur, and, in general, favor a high-end diet.
My cat is losing his hair: abnormal causes and health problems
There are many things that can have a direct impact on your cat’s hair loss. The food it ingests, the parasites or its environment will have a significant influence on the condition of its coat:

here are the five main reasons for hair loss considered “abnormal” in your pet:

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