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How to play with your indoor cat on a daily basis?

Written by Thom

The reputation of cats is well established! Felines are great players who are bursting with energy! Always on the lookout for a bit to grab hold of, they need to let off steam to release stress. Because, yes, your cat can be stressed. Living in an apartment is not always easy for these felines. Between small spaces and urban noise, their over-developed senses are put to the test and they will have a great need to exert themselves through the game. By playing with them, you greatly contribute to their well-being.
Indeed, as the proud owner of an indoor cat, it is your responsibility to play with it as often as possible. It is, indeed, a great way to strengthen the bonds that unite you, and, above all, it is an essential act for the well-being of these little furballs. Dubitative? Once you realize the benefits of feline fun, you’ll cover your companion in apartment cat toys.
Why play with your cat?
From the age of 4 weeks, your kitten will use its claws and fangs to have fun with its brothers. At 8 weeks old, he sharpens his predatory instinct by chasing inert objects and performing acrobatics worthy of the greatest stuntmen. For the indoor cat, play is a tool for socialization and development.
Engraved in him, his predatory instinct is exteriorized through these cat games where dexterity and agility merge. Staying focused on the laser pointer, gently winding yourself around a ball of yarn, chasing the ball to the 4 corners of the room, practicing leaping, landing in a specific place, all this is not trivial. Your cat is training to be a perfect predator.
For the kitten, playing is learning while having fun. Once they reach adulthood, the cat toy becomes a great way for them to stay healthy.
Helping your cat to stay active
Of course, a cat sleeps a lot during his day: about 18 hours a day, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need to exert himself physically. Quite the contrary and it is important, when your animal is awake, to play with it for 15 – 20 minutes a day.
This will compensate for his lack of physical activity and keep him in good shape. Why do you think the purchase of cat toys is recommended by vets? Cat games will help your pet stay healthy.
In order for them to be effective, indoor cat toys must encourage them to behave like a hunter. Without realizing it, your indoor cat will be expending as much energy as if it had gone on a frenzied hunting party outside its home. Both useful and entertaining, the game will make sure your indoor cat lives old and happy.

How to play with your cat on a daily basis?
Good. Now that you’ve realized the need for cat and kitten games, it’s time to take the next step: have a good time with your cat.
Very independent by nature, the kitten is quite capable of entertaining itself. It’s not uncommon to see an indoor cat hiding under sofas and pretending to be chased by an abuser, or get excited on its own by rushing through the rooms of your apartment. However, playing with his cat will allow him to discover games of a whole different flavor. The cat toy will spice up her entertainment sessions and put your kitten in good condition.
When to play with your cat?
Early in the morning, when the sun is pointing the tip of its nose, your kitten’s liveliness is at its peak. Now is a great time to schedule a play session with your indoor cat. The day will start wonderfully for him… and for you too, certainly, because what could be cuter than to see his animal cooperate in the games.
Likewise, in the evening, a seasoned observer will find that the apartment cat toys disappear as if by magic! This is quite normal as your feline is getting ready for the next big night hunt. However, there are no set rules for playing with your cat. As long as he’s in a playful mood and reacts positively to your interactions with him, you can play with him.
How many games sessions should I plan?
One to two a day is more than enough. Lasting about 20 minutes (in total), they will be effective in energizing your apartment cat. For the kitten, cat games will act as sleeping pills. After having nibbled on her toys from every angle, running in all directions, leaping here and there, your kitten will only want one thing: to join Morpheus’ arms as quickly as possible. Play fatigue!
Is your cat bored? The cat is a delicate animal, with a strong character and, with it, nothing is taken for granted. Until yesterday, he swore by the mouse-shaped apartment cat toys. Today, your kitten hardly deigns to take a look. He seems to be bored already.
Indeed, to be able to keep your attention on a daily basis, you will need to change cat toys as often as possible. Playing with your cat requires constant renewal. Fortunately, cat game designers are never short of ideas.

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