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Cats Slap Each Other for 4 Reasons

Cats have had a reputation for being isolated for a long time, and while they aren’t as social and outgoing as dogs, they can live in the same house and get along fine. They can even form bonds with each other. If you live in a house where there is more than one cat, you may notice one cat slapping another from time to time. Why do cats behave in this manner? Is there a battle going on between them? Is it possible that something else is going on?

Cats slap each other for a variety of reasons:

For a variety of reasons, a cat may slap another cat. The key to figuring out why your cats are slapping one other is to observe their other body language and behavior. Cats slapping one other is a regular phenomenon for them, despite the fact that some of the causes are less acceptable.

1 when Playtime Started

Cats who are playful and lively may slap one other as though inviting each other to play. Cats who slap each other and invite play have the body language of a playful cat. Their whiskers will be forward, and their focus will be on the current issue. To avoid hurting the other cat, their claws will be retracted during the slap. There will be no yowling, screaming, or hissing from the cat whose slapping. All of these nonverbal indications indicate that the slapper wants to play with the other cat.

2 Instincts of Predation

Cats are carnivores, which means they must eat animal protein. This implies that they are likewise small little predators with a strong prey drive. In fact, several toys on the market make use of this. Feather wands, jingle bells, and laser pointers are all designed to appeal to your cat’s natural predatory tendencies. Cats who don’t have a proper outlet for their instincts may begin to act out by attacking their housemates or you. If your cat slaps another cat with all the hallmarks of fun body language but still seems a bit too enthusiastic about the slapping, it’s possible they’re acting on a suppressed hunting urge.

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