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Can cats also fall in love?

Written by Thom

Does your cat only have eyes for the neighbor’s beautiful tomcat? Does he actively seek company and seem perfectly happy when he is with him? You are sure, he is in love! We know that animals are capable of feeling emotions, but can we deduce that a cat is in love when he shows great affection for a fellow-creature? And what about the love he feels for you? In this article, we reveal some of the mysteries that surround cat love behavior.
Cats, sentient beings who feel emotions
Do animals feel emotions, or are they able to experience “feelings”? This is a question that many scientists, animal owners, and supporters of animal welfare have asked and which continues to fuel much debate.
Today, it is no longer proven that mammals experience many emotions. Cats are no exception to the rule. Just like humans, they can experience forms of “joy”, “anxiety” or “anger”, and these emotions explain a large part of their daily reactions.
While some cats even seem to develop a form of affection close to love towards their master or towards other congeners, we cannot determine with precision the degree of complexity of the emotions felt by our felines or by others (other animals). The notion of “feeling” is much more abstract and refers to “awareness of an emotional state”. For animals, we talk more about emotions rather than feelings.
However, even if a part of the mystery remains, one thing is certain: knowing the emotions in animals is a prerequisite to better understand them and create a harmonious, benevolent relationship with them!
Can a cat fall in love?
A cat is quite capable of feeling great affection for a fellow-creature, another animal, or a human. But should we, therefore, conclude that a cat can be in love? It’s all about interpretation!
Love, a complex feeling …
The love that humans have for each other is a particularly complex feeling, one that we ourselves find difficult to explain. Moreover, the definitions are very varied, sometimes mentioning an emotional or physical attraction, a lively and common interest between two people, or a desire to share an intimate bond (projects, common values, etc.). This feeling is usually fueled by mental projections and some form of complex thinking.
An animal such as a cat is, on the face of it, not capable of experiencing such an elaborate feeling. Do you have to conclude from this that your adorable furball is not capable of loving you? Probably not: cats can experience genuine, selfless affection, and in their own way, a form of love!
Cats are capable of affection
It is obvious that a cat can have a great deal of affection for humans, but also for other congeners and even other species. This attachment capacity seems to depend on the character of the animal. Some cats, even if they have degraded themselves, still maintain a certain distance in their social interactions. Others, on the other hand, show great affection and constantly seek contact and hugs.
We all have in mind stories of little felines particularly attached to their owners. It often happens that a cat lost during a move ends up finding its owners after having traveled hundreds of kilometers. There are also cases of cats allowing themselves to die of grief after the death of their beloved human.
Between cats, on also observing cases of very strong attachment. This sometimes concerns animals from the same litter, but can also appear between complete strangers gathered by chance. It very often happens that two males or two females are extremely fusional. This behavior is therefore not dictated by the instinct of reproduction, but rather by selfless affection.
For simplicity, we sometimes speak of a cat “in love” to designate a feline that shows a strong attachment to another cat, a human, or another animal. You get it, it has nothing to do with human love, but it’s still a very real and very powerful feeling!
Simon and Theo, a surprising friendship
In April 2019, a love story, or rather friendship between two cats, a Twitter literally on fire.
This lovely romance begins with a beautiful spring day in Los Angeles. Mackenzie realizes that her cat Simon is spending his time at the window, and is engaged in a sort of “love parade”. She quickly discovers the source of this agitation. Across the street, behind a window, she sees a magnificent Sacred-type half-haired cat from Burma. He seems very interested in Simon’s behavior.
Soon Mackenzie realizes that the two cats literally spend their days looking at each other. She then decides to get in touch with the neighbor opposite. She displays a sign in the window asking, “What’s your cat’s name?” Friendships, Simon ”. The answer is immediate: “Hi, Simon, I’m Theo, and you are my best friend!”
A few days later, the two neighbors organize a meeting between Simon and Theo. Despite the nervousness inherent in any very first meeting between two cats, things are going quite well. They both seem really keen on spending time together. Is this the start of a great friendship story between the two cats? In any case, their owners have become friends!
The incredible love story between a cat and an owl
Think a cat can’t fall in love with an animal of another species? This beautiful story from Japan will make you change your mind!
At Osaka’s Hukulou Coffee, customers come to spend time with cats, but also other animals: dogs, rabbits, ferrets, otters, squirrels, hedgehogs, and even turtles or geckos! But the establishment’s undisputed stars are Huku the owl and Marimo the Scottish Fold cat. From a young age, these two have been inseparable! They spend their days playing, cuddling, and sleeping huddled together.
The owl and the amorous cat have become famous all over Japan, and attract many tourists to Hukulou Coffee. Everyone goes crazy in front of these cute animals! But the most incredible thing is that this love story is not unique. In Andalusia, Fum the cat is in love with Gebra the owl. The two animals never leave each other. They love to play and chase each other in the trees!
How do I know if my cat loves me?
Some cats are extremely affectionate with their owners, while others are more reserved. Unlike a dog who will show his affection very clearly, the cat is a more mysterious animal whose mood is sometimes difficult to decipher! So how do you know if your cat loves you?
A cat who loves you is a happy cat
Despite its seeming independence, a cat needs to develop a good relationship with the humans around it in order to feel good. Unlike a dog who has unconditional love for his master, a cat will only love you if he feels good with you. If your companion shows signs that he is happy, you can conclude that he loves you!
Remember, however, that each animal has a unique personality. While some little cats express their love very demonstratively, others are much more discreet in their expressions of affection.
Signs of love that never fail
To know if your cat is happy with you, observe his behavior. He should be generally calm and confident, without signs of stress. A cat who loves you usually exhibits at least some of these characteristic behaviors:
your cat seeks your presence and comes towards you;
• it rubs against you;
• sometimes he licks you or nibbles you;
• he kneads you and/or shows you his belly when you cuddle him;
• he holds his tail up, with the tip curved;
• he brings you prey as gifts …

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