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Why do cats lick us? Explanations of this behavior

Written by Thom

When it comes to behavior, there are things your cat does that are just plain adorable (like cuddling up against you on the couch), things that are hilarious (like trying to grab a laser). or just too weird (like moving into any cardboard box 10 kilometers around). But there is one behavior in particular that combines these three characteristics: when cats lick us.
If your cat never loses an opportunity to lick you, you might be wondering, “But why is my cat licking me?” Is it a mark of affection? Is he trying to wash me? Is he hungry and mistaking me for a giant kibble? ”
Unfortunately, there is no absolute, definitive answer as to why your cat is licking you. But if you’ve ever asked this question, here are some answers.
Your cat is trying to give you a bath
When a cat has cubs, he licks them regularly to keep them clean and neat. So, it makes sense that your cat licks you to do the same to you.
Afterward, of course, you don’t need your cat to wash you (you have a shower, though)! So if this licking/grooming gets too unwanted, try redirecting your cat’s attention with a treat or a little play session.
Your cat shows you affection
Cats lick their kittens to wash them, but also to show them affection. Licking is an attachment behavior between a mother and her young kittens. And when the kittens get older, they may have incorporated this behavior and reproduced it to show affection.
If your cat is licking you, it may just be to show you that she cares, so don’t hesitate to show her a little affection in return, why not by scratching her behind the ears or by stroking her stomach.
Your cat demands your attention
Cats are independent animals, but they still need attention! If a cat feels neglected, there are many ways to get your attention, including licking.
If you notice that your cat has a tendency to lick you when you are busy or distracted, this may indicate that they need a few minutes of exclusive attention from you, some quality time spent. in your company.
Your cat is anxious
Do you have the feeling that your cat is compulsively licking you? Do you get the impression that your cat is licking you because she is nervous or scared? Does it seem to you that once she starts to lick you, she can’t stop? If this is the case, it may be because your cat is anxious, stressed or upset.
Many animals (including cats) are likely to lick repeatedly to manage their anxiety. If you feel like your cat’s licking is an anxious behavior, see if you can find ways to alleviate her anxiety. For example, anxiety can take hold of some cats like boredom, so a little more play or activity time may be all you need to overcome your cat’s anxiety. Also, consider hiring a cat sitter who could visit him on days or weekends when you are away for a long time.
You have something on you (and your cat would love to taste it)
Even if you eat the cleanest food in the world, from time to time something should happen to spill on you. And if a few scents reach your cat, it could well trigger this behavior.
Your cat might just lick you because you have some food on you and they would like to taste it. If this behavior bothers you, ask yourself if you have smothered yourself with food or drink, and if that’s the reason your cat is licking you, you just need to change yourself. Once the temptation is gone, the licking should go away too soon.
When should you talk to a vet or behaviorist?
If your cat starts to lick you uncontrollably, or if she refuses to stop even when you try to redirect her attention to something else, talk to a vet or behaviorist. They will no doubt be able to help you understand what is behind your cat’s behavior, and, more importantly, help you educate your cat to stop all licking.

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