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If You See This, Run Fast and Ask for Help!

There are so many animals in the world that no one knows the exact number of the species that exist, some are beautiful and some are ugly, though not everything is as it seems because the ugly of these animals may be safe, and the beautiful ones may be deadly.

13 – The caterpillar

For example, this caterpillar looks like someone has accidentally dropped his wig, it’s not big but it’s hairy and you might think that since it’s hairy it’s safe to touch it but don’t let the appearance fool you actually if you touch its hair it will pierce your skin and sting you, wow! !

It doesn’t look nice now does it according to other people’s experience the pain it causes is really bad so stay away from this grub as much as possible

However, if you have been stung already, doctors advise that you wash the stung area, use soap and water, but be careful not to press on it, because this will make the poison spread faster after you finish washing the sting, put some ice on it in order to relieve pain, and if not The pain goes away in 30 minutes, you have to go to the hospital immediately,

We think the pus of the caterpillar is something disgusting to touch and we hope you will agree with us, and now we will tell you about 12 other animals that you should run quickly if you come across it in the woods.

12 Deathstalker

Well, the name says it all. It’s the deadliest scorpion ever. Let’s give you an idea of ​​it. It’s the animal responsible for 75% of all scorpion attacks victims. Its sting usually doesn’t kill healthy adults, they’ll feel a lot of pain, only but it’s easy to kill children. They will get fever and coma and eventually will not be able to breathe because the lungs will be full of fluid

If this type of scorpion doesn’t seem bad enough to you, how about these Scorpions can eat cannibals if you can’t find any other food They can also eat snakes if they win the battle The only way to survive your life if you are stung by a scorpion is to go to the hospital immediately.

isn’t this fun number

11 Carpet Viper

Here is another animal. Al-Hareya is considered the most venomous snake because it kills the largest number of people annually. As for the method of killing that it uses, it is truly amazing, because it injects some toxins into the blood of the victim, and this poison does not allow the blood to clot, so the victim continues to bleed to death.

10 Cone snail

This snail is so dangerous that one drop of its poison is more than enough to end a person’s life. The worst thing about it is that there is no cure or even an antidote. If it stung you, you are inevitably dead. It is also known as the cigarette snail because its poison kills as quickly as you finish smoking a cigarette. Hopefully, you are not a smoker.

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